By LUX Surfboards



Inspired by the single-fin surfboards of the early 1970s. 

This iconic design hailed the dawn of the shortboard era, allowing man to experience the primordial energy of the ocean from deep within the vortex of the wave.

Lavishly hand gilded with 24 Kt gold leaf enhancing the subtle weave of the fibreglass and imbuing the curves of the Aureus with delicate luminosity.

Not only a unique piece of Art,  the Aureus remains true to its potential as a wave riding craft, Hand-built to the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship. The incorporation of 24 Karat gold throughout the board marks a world first. 

The Aureus is finished in typical styling of the 1970's. Its deck features a triple 24 Kt gold leaf elliptical pinline design, while the hull boasts a glassed-on 24 Kt gold gilded fibreglass fin and hand-cut 24 Kt gold gilded LUX icon.

Dimensions: 2030 x 520 x 77 mm



Lux surfboards are represented by:

T5 GALLERY , First class departures hall, Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport. TW6 2GA




Summer 2017 : Exclusive interview and feature in 'Les Carats', New York based Luxury Lifestyle guide..