Creating exceptional surfboards...


Hand-built using traditional techniques in a small studio in North Devon, England, each surfboard produced in the LUX series will be a totally unique work of art, with inspiration for each shape drawn from key eras within surfboard design.   

By combining the skills and understanding of their respective art forms, the creators of LUX aspire to move forward in brave and innovative ways, making surfboards of striking beauty and unrivalled elegance to be appreciated for their graceful aesthetic in and out the water, as well as their potential as contemporary wave riding craft.


LUX is ...


Ellie Miller: The only female professional board maker in Europe, Ellie produces handmade bespoke surfboards under her own label Miller Surfboards.

Danni Bradford: An Artist and surface designer specialising in verre-eglomise – the gilding of glass – Danni has produced decorative and functional glass surfaces for some of the most prestigious private residences, commercial spaces and interior designers in the UK.





LUX promotes a passion for surf culture,and a dedication to achieving excellence within creative expression.